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Our Clients come first, that is just the way it is in a professional services advisory firm. Fact.

All our clients have one thing in common: they are trying to do things differently, in a new and innovative way. This passion connects our clients with us and pushes us to achieve extraordinary results.

We have an obvious market share in North and South East Asia given our Hong Kong headquarter location. On top, an increasing number of companies from the US and Europe are reaching out to us for help with their plans and strategy for Asia.

These are some of the companies and concepts that we have helped over the years:
  • A carbon and energy management company
  • A niche product in the hospitality sector
  • An innovative mobility concept
  • A waste-to-energy technology
  • A supplier of sustainable product solutions
  • An environmentally friendly paint product
  • An energy saving solution in the health & safety sector
  • An air purification solution
  • A US green building product
  • A European technology tackling sedimentation in water reservoirs
  • A European biofuel technology using a high temperature process to turn animal waste into energy
  • Various web-based businesses and platforms
  • An industrial manufacturer from China / Singapore
  • A HK based industrial manufacturer with production facilities in Mainland China
  • An environmental solutions product from South East Asia into North Asia
  • A water saving technology
  • A manufacturing industry association in Asia
  • A global full service global public relations firm
  • A global branded lifestyle apparel and footwear company
  • A Hong Kong listed group of companies
  • A Hong Kong based green building material
  • A green building material
  • A rubber recycling technology
  • A bio reactor technology
  • A high temperature biofuel technology
  • A forestry project
  • Accelerator and mentoring programs for start-ups and SMEs
  • A Chinese market leader in an industrial sector looking for cooperation partners in Germany and Europe
  • A German third-generation family business with international operations
  • An innovative and holistic medical device based therapy
  • An innovative IT solution in the printing sector
  • A marketing and branding company in HK
  • A PR and marketing firm in Germany
  • A family owned F&B and hospitality business with a tradition of more than 100 years of successful operations

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»Es ist für mich immer wieder erstaunlich, welche Form der diplomatischen Ausdrucksweise kleef&co findet. Obwohl ich noch nie eine lange E-Mail aus China erhalten habe, scheint kleef&co genau die richtigen Worte zu wählen und den richtigen Ton zu treffen. Naja, geht halt nichts über Erfahrung und eigenes Erleben.«

Here is what the people we have worked with say about us:

“I tell myself to be open to kleef&co’s advice even if it goes against my own view as it always contains added value from which my company will benefit”

“A great perspective on thinking through business models”

“Since the involvement of kleef&co in our business strategy, I am able to leave the office early, unwind in the evening and to sleep well again at night”

“We like the straightforwardeness of kleef&co”

“kleef&co’s team did a very good job scoping potential areas of collaboration between our company and the potential Asian partner”

“kleef&co has unrivalled knowledge and contacts in the crucial Asian markets”

“A wealth of information

“In appointing kleef&co for our market entry, we consciously decided to use a specialised niche provider with an extensive network relevant to our core product rather than another industry partner with similar business activities positioned equally to ourselves”

“kleef&co are ethical and professional with inspiring ideas and real business solutions for a sustainable future”

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