Our services

Do you intend to expand your business activities in Europe or Asia?

Based on our many years of experience, we can support you. Working together we can develop a business strategy that meets the goals of your company, whilst taking into account the realities of the target market.

We provide assistance in the following areas

Corporate Development & Strategy in Germany
  • Strategy development: supporting the development and implementation of long-term business strategies
  • Strategy Review: serving as sparring partner and consultant for strategy reviews and important company decisions
  • Internal SWOT analysis: company analysis to identify weak points and hidden potentials in structures and processes
  • Structural optimization: improving organizational structures and business processes
  • Operational optimization: developing measures for increasing sales and cost optimization
  • Product development: supporting the development of new products (including prototypes) as well as further development of existing products
  • Project management: accompanying strategy implementation including milestone planning, monitoring and timely adaptation to potential challenges
  • Value chain Management: analysing and optimizing the value chain
  • Team Building: identifying necessary skills based on strategic analysis and recruitment of staff
  • Interim management: supporting interim management before and after takeovers
  • Procurement of funds: supporting fund raising, acquiring international investments, bridging cash flow bottlenecks
  • Communication Training: intercultural training to gain additional skills in international business transactions

Corporate Finance
  • Financing: mezzanine capital, equity, private equity and venture capital, private placements, outside capital, leasing, stock and order financing, subsidies
  • M & A & succession: concepts, structuring and monitoring of transaction processes, financial planning & financial due diligence, identification and addressing of potential buyers / target companies, company evaluations and fairness opinions
  • Financial management services: interim / part-time management
  • Financial Consulting & Coaching

Market entry in Asia with a focus on PRC and Hong Kong
  • Research and providing context: market research, explaining investment and competition environments
  • SWOT analysis: market, environment and competition analysis, in particular cooperation partner, sales and customer search – the “long list”
  • Target group address: addressing targets from a chosen “short list”
  • Market entry: development and implementation of individual market entry strategies
  • Company set-up: providing related legal services and formalities (for example: company registration, certifications, account opening, translations)
    Partner search (for example for sales, suppliers, development projects, strategic alliances, etc.)
  • Support in Business Negotiations: strategic assessment for international contracts and general business negotiations, including language support
  • Interpreting and translating: linguistic and cultural support between foreign partners
  • Document Creation: Producing company documents (for example: company presentations and marketing documents

Please feel free to contact us at any time for a personal meeting or a specific offer!

Integration of federal and state funding

For our SME clients, we are happy to check the availability of funding for the planned projects. In this regard, kleef & CO is listed with the following state/federal programs and institutions:

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