Will Copper Help Prevent the Next Pandemic?

If door handles & railings were copper coated, viruses and bacteria would be killed on contact as copper kills germs instantly, according to experts.

Why ‘Herd Immunity’ Isn’t the Answer to Solve a Serious Pandemic

The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19 variant) has exploded across the world, yet some countries fare much worse than others.

Why Global Markets Will Recover from Coronavirus Sooner, Rather Than Later

As no systemic economic problems exist in this crisis, stock markets should rebound as soon as the Coronavirus has run its course

Virus Economics: When Markets Feel Poorly

Fearing that Coronavirus might affect investments, perception becomes reality as markets see biggest drop in recent years.

Solving Britain’s Coal Tip Problem by Building Coastal Resiliency

Mountains of coal tip waste could be put to good use via land reclamation from the sea, thereby protecting the vulnerable UK coastline.

UK: Leaving the Floodplains Will Save Billions & Needless Misery Every Flood Season

Billions are spent annually to repair the damage caused by successive heavy rainfalls in the UK's floodplains.

Post-Brexit: Building a License-Based Manufacturing Sector

One way to build a healthy export-based manufacturing sector with plenty of UK jobs is via the license-to-build economy.

Brexit: Well, That Only Took 1317 Days!

After 3.5-years of dither and delay, the UK is finally leaving the EU and a new phase in the enduring European relationship begins.

Empowering UK Cities to Meet CO2 Targets in the Post-Brexit Era

Meeting UK CO2 emission targets post-Brexit by aligning with the C40 Cities initiative which provides expertise and assistance to member cities.

Post-Brexit: Designing a 21st Century Rail Network to Serve Britons Better

Once Brexit occurs, the UK government has the opportunity to design a better rail system using a completely 'clean sheet'.